Spaceworks collab

Avenir x Spaces Artwork for a promotional sticker of the spaces for culture groupshow in LiègeYear: 2021

Menthe à l’eau

Avenir x Menthe à l’eau Logo + Artwork for the creation of a party collective in LiègeYear: 2022


Avenir x Dissocle Space Artwork + screenprinting on fabric for the opening of a bar, restaurant and party venue in the center of LiègeYear: 2023


homemade screen printing, brodery, pop-up stores (2020-2023)


about The ‘Avenir’ project was created by Luca Gironi and started in 2019 with the launch of a sticker reading “avenir partout wifi nulle part” (future everywhere, wifi nowhere) in reference to the popular adage ‘police everywhere, justice nowhere’. Four years later, Avenir has become a multidisciplinary art project, working in screen-printing, painting, installations, scenography, […]


graphic design, painting, writing, screen printing, video-making

La remise

Small Opportunities (groupshow)Location : Rue St Léonard 332, 4000 LiègeYear: 2021


spaces for culture (groupshow)Curator : Spaceworks / Simon BriandLocation : Rue des Guillemins 139, 4000 LiègeYear: 2021

avenir market

Avenir Market Curator : Art au Centre / Pauline SalinasLocation : Bd d’Avroy 116, 4000 LiègeYear: 2023