The ‘Avenir’ project was created by Luca Gironi and started in 2019 with the launch of a sticker reading “avenir partout wifi nulle part” (future everywhere, wifi nowhere) in reference to the popular adage ‘police everywhere, justice nowhere’. Four years later, Avenir has become a multidisciplinary art project, working in screen-printing, painting, installations, scenography, stickers, posters, drawings, writing and video. Depending on the projects it takes part in, Avenir can become a collective of artists, while for others, it is the work of a single individual. Avenir’s universe is built around the general hypocrisy of the contemporary society and of each and every one of us. Avenir has no particular message or goal; it defines itself by what it is opposed to, and also draws its inspiration from it.

Luca Gironi is a 28 years old Belgian-Italian artist based in Liège, Belgium.